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What is a Family Website?

  • A family website can be for announcing special family events as:
    • a birth announcement

    • a baptism

    • a birthday

    • an anniversary

    • a wedding

    • a graduation

    • a new job

    • a promotion

    • a memorial for a loved one

  • A family website can be for creating a personal online family album where you share your photos on the cloud.
  • A family website can be to create a private family network.

All tailored made to your design specifications.

  • You are NOT just posting pictures that are emailed blasted to "friends".

  • You are displaying pictures and creating texts that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

  • A family website is YOUR website that you own and contol.

  • You control how the design looks.

  • You control the security as only people that you tell can enter the domain name into the URL and view your pages and pictures.

  • And with NO effort on your part to share or add pictures and texts.

  • A family website is: YOURS.

  • A family website is: beautiful.

  • A family website is: exciting.

  • A family website is: lasting.

  • A family website is: for sharing.

  • A family website is: quality.

  • A family website is: safe and secure.